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Oct. 23rd, 2011

Erik Dying of Love


I've been gone over a year.

Nothing interesting to report, either.

College isn't as scary as originally assumed. ;)

Aug. 6th, 2010

Horatio Hornblower Bush

Sorcerer's Apprentice

I totally love The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

GO SEE IT! I'm totally serious, tell your friends. I want a sequel! XDDD


Jul. 4th, 2010

Death Note L

One, Two, Freddy's Coming For You...

I've been watching the original Nightmare On Elm Street movies lately... They're really campy and fun. :D I liked the first one, and the second one was way better than people have said it is, though definitely not as good as the first. I haven't seen any more yet, but I will... soon.

I kind of want to see the remake because apparently they've changed it a lot, but I'm sort of becoming a Robert Englund purist, and since they changed Freddy's actor AND personality, that kind of stinks. Well, it actually stinks a lot.

Oh, Happy Independence Day, for those of us in America. :D Happy Fourth of July for everybody else.

Apr. 29th, 2010

Erik Dying of Love

Heeeyyy, yo!

:D It's been... a while.

Got a college to go to in the fall... so there's that. O_O I'm trying not to think about it too much.

FINALLY got my license. :D I'm proud of myself.

Yesterday I watched David Tennant's Hamlet on PBS... it was really good! I had some minor problems with it such as the fact that they seemed to be having some sort of love affair with Polonius, as they kept every single scene he has lines in complete, but they cut out some of the waaaayyy better scenes, and they had just about every scene involving Fortinbras, except his last scene. They ended it on 'Good night, sweet prince' which is fine, but... uh... why mention Fortinbras at all? There is NO POINT if he doesn't end up succeeding Claudius for the throne! :/ But David was brilliant and whoever that guy was who played Horatio was soooo good... <3

Gotta watch Supernatural tonight. Finally caught up with it, so I'm totally hip... and groovy. And I use outdated slang to prove it!

I feel like watching a REALLY good version of A Midsummer Night's Dream. I've already seen the awesome version with Rupert Everett and Christian Bale... but... I need more. Because I am a greedy Shakespeare person. And I've been sort of obsessing, as is my wont, over Puck and Oberon, so any version with especially good protrayals of those two would be great.

Am I writing a novel? Oh well, I guess it might be a good change after all those two sentence long posts I've done.

ARGH, oh yeah, complaining time now, I can't get my stupid video editing program, CyberLink PowerDirector 6 to connect to Youtube and send my stupid videos anymore. DDDD: I have to find a way to remedy that.

Hrmrmrmmmm, I think that's it for now. Lots of love! <3

Feb. 24th, 2010

Horatio Hornblower Bush

Liiiife's Just Paaaaassing Me Byyyyyyyy...



Well, I'm working on choosing colleges and I'm dual enrolled in community college at the moment, so I've been keeping busy.


Nothing interesting to report!

Dec. 31st, 2009

Sherlock Holmes Eye



Happy New Year, everybody!

Also, I know I had my doubts about the new Sherlock Holmes movie, but go see it! It's really, really good. Way better than I expected. They definitely did justice to Holmes. :D Of course, there are definite parts I don't agree with, but, eh, life's too short.

Dec. 24th, 2009

Erik Dying of Love

God Bless Us, Every One!

Merry Christmas to all, a Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays!

May your Christmas be filled with the Light of Christ, much happiness and joy, and everything you wanted on your wishlists this year. :D

God bless!

Nov. 22nd, 2009

Death Note L

Dancing Through Life...

Went to see a production of Midsummer Night's Dream. Really awesome, really good job on all sides... I only disagreed with the protrayal of Helena as some sort of comedic, prat-falling weirdo stalker. I always saw her as slightly more tragic in a humorous way... but I guess they had to strengthen the whole 'comedy' bit for the people that the words didn't quite come across to. Anyway, yeah... It was set in Civil War era, which was weird, but cool and the costumes were really pretty.

Oh, I got an L wig. So... that's cool.


Ooh, my Good Omens audiobook arrived! It's really fun, the guy sounds like he had a lot of fun making it. :D

Started watching Supernatural. It really is as awesome as everybody says! XD Waiting for the 3rd season to come in at the library.



Nov. 4th, 2009

Jekyll Nowhere to Hyde

Happy Much Belated Halloween, Everypeoples...

My comp's got a virus, so I won't be posting much not as though it's like I post much anyways...  Dressed up as Zim.  It was cool.  Had a Gir... and a surprise Dib, which was the best part.  I love Dib sooo... ;)

I've been on a Jekyll and Hyde kick... I neeed more Jekyll and Hyde stuuuufff.... D:

Um... be wary of DeviantART, that's where I think I got the virus.

Oct. 9th, 2009

Death Note L

Disregard Previous Post Please...

Heh, sorry about the drama earlier... I fixed the pic... it wasn't too big of a deal, but I'm sure you all know how that makes you feel some times, right?  I mean, I did a lot of work on it and, poof, it was gone.  :/  Oh well, I fixed it. :D

Been listening to Horatio Hornblower books on tape and watching Death Note... Now I know what the fuss is all about.  I remember back when I was taking my comic class, that was one of the things they'd talk about a lot and I was just like, "What?  Oh, an Anime?  Yeah, I don't watch those."  XD  I mean, I watched Anime films, just not shows since I can't really get them anywhere, but voila!  Youtube helps all to discover new things!  Hurrah!

Now I wanna cosplay L like a total nerd soooooo bad... D:  It'd probably be easy but for the wig... *ponders*

Hoping to be Invader Zim for this Halloween... if I can finish the costume in time.  Making it is a bit harder than first calculated....

But Mr. Midshipman Hornblower was a good book.  I rather enjoyed it.  Now if only Lieutenant Hornblower will come in to the library. DX



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